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leadership trainingFBR Volume is a multi faceted company trading and working in various industries & provide a wide range of services. FBR Volume have been fully operational since 2009 and continue to grow from strength to strength. We pride ourselves in our task force, boasting core staff across South Africa. In each Region we have a skilled manager overseeing relevant staff. Our standards have been set to serve with the same standards in all our core cities.

FBR Volume provides students to companies to assist in the smooth running of their company events. We provide a range of tasks which include but not limited to Transcribing, Ushering, Pre & Post Event Tasks. Click here for more information on our services and how FBR Volume can turn up your image.


FBR Volume believe in excellence through delivery in every touch point. We achieve this by constant communication with our clients. We create an avenue of constant feedback, so that we can always provide the best possible service at all times to our clients. FBR Volume tailors their service to suit our clients business needs & requirements.

We follow strict guidelines to ensure our clients satisfaction. We submit profiles of the staff that will be working the event to ensure our client knows who they will be working with. Within our students, we continuously train and promote leaders who govern the students at events. All our students stand out with name tags in order to make it easier for our clients to identify & remember the students, as well as look clean & presentable at all times.

The event management team always carry additional items should a student be dressed inappropriately & are in constant communication via two-way radios to communicate effortlessly with our students at events, Including providing transportation for them to & from all events.

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