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FBR Volume provides students to companies to assist in the smooth running of their company events & Brand Activations.

A successful brand activation & event will allow businesses to reach a wider audience & promote their brand through events, give-aways & competitions. We cater for all your needs before, after & on the day of your activation & event. FBR Volume will take your brand to the next level.

We provide a range of tasks which include but not limited to.

  • Transcribing

FBR Volume produce quality transcript, and adhere to the needs and requirements of our clients, with a unique formula.

  • Data Capturing

FBR Volume manually capture and verify all data, making outsourcing a stress free experience

  • Running Errands

With events and life in general being so hectic, FBR Volume provide students to do what you don’t have time to do.

  • Pre Event Planning & Call Downs

FBR Volume follow up on your invited guest’s registration status, and assist with all pre-production elements

  • Collateral & Bag Packing

FBR Volume assist with all gift wrapping, bag packing, and ensure all your collateral gets to your event. We even provide transportation in this regard.

  • Venue Setup

FBR Volume have production managers and site managers, with a minimum of 2 years experience. All we require is a floor plan and a detailed brief of how you need the venue setup, and you can consider it done.

  • Directional Signage

FBR Volume ensure all delegates are informed of all the relevant venues they need to go to, through strategic placements of ushers and directional signage.

  • Registration

FBR Volume provide students that are skilled in a wide range of registration processes.

  • Post Events Facilitation

FBR Volume assist in the striking of events, and ensuring all collateral and equipment is packed neatly, and delivered back to the client/supplier.

  • DSTV Ushering & Directional Signage

FBR Volume provide a one stop shop for all your promotional requirements.

  • Barmen & Waiters

FBR Volume provide staff for all your catering requirements.

  • Drivers & Shuttle Service

FBR Volume provide drivers with PDP’s for all types of events, to assist in the smooth running of events, and also to ensure that guests who are under the influence arrive home safely.

  • Promo Models

FBR Volume provide beautiful, young, fresh individuals to enhance your brand image.

“We tailor make our service to our clients to best suit their business needs and requirements.”

FBR Volume strives to acheive excellence for all our clients at their events. Focusing on our presentation & attention to detail, FBR Volume ensures your event is a success. Click here to view our latest events & some of the services we offer.

Submission of Profiles

We ensure our client knows which student they will be working with at the event beforehand.

Delegation of leadership roles.

We continuously train & promote leaders who govern the students at events.

Distinction: name Tags

Our students stand out with name tags in order to make it easier for our clients to identify & remember the students.

Precautionary measures

We always carry additional items should a student be dressed inappropriately.

CommunicationDSCN0111 Collateral & Bag Packing

We use comm radios to communicate effortlessly with our students at events.


We provide transportation to & from events.


Our Students look clean & presentable at all times.

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